Tangle Club Notes


March 2023

Discussions and Enabling

Watch out for information on the Tahoe Tangle Reunion retreat! I will be teaching along with Kim VanZyll, Romi Marks and Mo Lockey in Truckee. The dates are June 16-18, there will be 6 classes and all meals are included. I’ll send out more information, like price, when it’s settled. If you are thinking about going, let me know and I’ll put you down on the list. I have 4 definites and 3 maybes so far. I have 10 spots that I can reserve and any open spots after that will be open for the masses.

For info on all of Brian’s undertakings, please visit him at: symmetrychaos.com & on instagram at @ATCElkGrove. And watch his etsy shop for a drop of the Cross templates!

We talked about a few tangles: Braided WheatRa-on and Tri-po.

Enabling links:

  • Handmade Book Club subscription. Vintage Page Designs on FB by Ali Manning, and here is her website
  • ’Tangle Journeys’ FB group, but I could not find it, so no link. :( 
  • In this shocking update, one member flashed up a book that a specific member did not have yet! That’s right ‘A Treasury of Celtic Knots’ is probably already on its way to their house. But if it’s not….Amazon.

Tools mentioned:

There was a big recommendation for fiveBelow stores where you can find canvas panels and stretch canvas for fantastic prices. That link is to an 8”x8” 4 pack of canvas panels for $3.25!

We also talked about the Re-Create store in Rocklin and Creative Re-use in Virginia area, and basically said to google 'art supply up cycle’ for a store like this in your area. Looking up the link for the Virginia store, I decided that we should all move there! Look what I found: 

Amy Maricle was mentioned again along with her book, ‘Draw Yourself Calm’. Her techniques are much simpler than Zentangle, and I kind of like that for when I really want to disengage while drawing.

Final Note: Most of the Tool links are to Amazon. I'm not affiliated with them nor do I proclaim that you should buy the item from there. The items are simply easiest for me to find on their site for the purposes of getting you to the exact tool we were discussing. Feel free to take that knowledge and check out other websites like Blick, or preferably shop local and head out to your favorite art store. 


More to come.....