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TrailGirls Tangles!

I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher® and I'm having a blast teaching Zentangle® to anyone that will listen.

 The Zentangle art method is not all about the art. It's a moving meditation that taps into your creative flow producing a beautiful piece of art. Each stroke of the pen gets you out of your head and into the present moment where openness and joy dwells.

Zentangle is the culmination of Maria Thomas' art background and Rick Roberts meditation background. He is the Zen and she is the Tangle. Learn more about the method at 

The Halloween Class is Almost Here!

October 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

That's right Tanglers, it's time to sign up for the Halloween Tangle Class!

This year we are switching from real pumpkins to craft pumpkins. Why? Because the real ones have a waxy coating and our pens do not like them at all. I have craft pumpkins in different colors and sizes waiting for your arrival on the day of class. First come, first serve!

As usual, I will have multi-colored Identi-pens for each table to share. We will start by tangling some new patterns and old favorites on practice pumpkin paper and then switch to the craft pumpkins when you are comfortable.

This is seriously the best class of the year, I hope you can make it!


Where: University Art, 2601 J Street, Sacramento

When: October 29th, 12:30pm to 3:30pm

Cost: $35 includes materials

**Zentangle experience is required**

Zentangle Craft PumpkinZentangle Craft PumpkinZentangle Craft Pumpkin

Craft PumpkinsCraft PumpkinsCraft Pumpkins

Tangle on!


Launch of Traveling Tangle Project is a HIT!

February 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Somewhere around Christmas, I asked my students if they would be interested in participating in a Traveling Tangle Project. After explaining what this meant, a few students got to work and the results are below!

The Traveling Tangle Project starts when Tangler A grabs a tile and starts it off with a border, a string, and a tangle or two. Then they send this tile to Tangler B who completes the tile by adding their own tangles. At the same time, Tangler B is starting off a new tile the same way to send it off to Tangler A. As far as shading, each tangler can shade their own tangles or the first Tangler can leave it up to second Tangler to shade the entire tile. The main rule is that when you receive a Traveling Tangle tile, you take a Before picture and when you are done you take an After picture, then send them both to me.

This collaboration is always exciting! We have Tanglers that like curvy lines paired up with Tanglers that like grids...think of the possibilities! There are Tanglers that use thick pens to draw, but what happens when that tile is sent to a Tangler that normally uses a thin pen? It's all magic and exciting!

If you want to join our Traveling Tangle Project, send me an email with your name and address and I will get you started.

Hover over each picture below for the tangler's names!


Cynthia and LynneCynthia and LynneCynthia's start

Cynthia and LynneCynthia and LynneLynne's finish

Deb and LynneDeb and LynneDeb's start

Deb and LynneDeb and LynneLynne's finish

Lynne and DebLynne and DebLynne's start
Lynne and DebLynne and DebDeb's finish

EllynRose and CynthiaEllynRose and CynthiaEllynRose's start EllynRose and CynthiaEllynRose and CynthiaCynthia's finish

EllynRose and KimEllynRose and KimEllynRose's start EllynRose and KimEllynRose and KimKim's finish

Jodi and DebJodi and DebJodi's start Jodi and DebJodi and DebDeb's finish

EllynRose and LynneEllynRose and LynneEllynRose's start EllynRose and LynneEllynRose and LynneLynne's finish

Kim and EllynRoseKim and EllynRoseKim's start Kim and EllynRoseKim and EllynRoseEllynRose's finish

Lynne and CynthiaLynne and CynthiaLynne's start Lynne and CynthiaLynne and CynthiaCynthia's finish

Lynne and EllynRoseLynne and EllynRoseLynne's start Lynne and EllynRoseLynne and EllynRoseEllynRose's finish

Lynne and KimLynne and KimLynne's start Lynne and KimLynne and KimKim's finish

Cynthia and LynneCynthia and LynneCynthia's start Cynthia and LynneCynthia and LynneLynne's finish

Jodi and KimJodi and KimJodi's start

Jodi and KimJodi and KimKim's finish

Class Pictures

February 20, 2017

I have some class pictures that never made it the blog, so today is catch-up day!

First up is from the Holiday class at University Art. Unfortunately only one picture was taken as we were having such a tangling good time, but fortunately it shows a beautifully completed ornament and one in progress.


Zentangle Holiday OrnamentZentangle Holiday OrnamentZentangle Holiday Ornament

Next up, a few young ladies at the Montessori school my friend Aimee teaches at sent me a request for a Basics class. It was a Friday night and we had a lot of fun! So much fun that I also received my first thank you note! Right back atcha Logan, Brianna and Kelly!

Montessori Basics TileMontessori Basics TileLogan, Brianna, Kelly, Ana and Aimee Montessori Bijou TileMontessori Bijou TileLogan, Brianna, Kelly, Ana and Aimee


Montessori Thank YouMontessori Thank YouMontessori Thank You


Next up was a demo at the Dillard school in Wilton. They were having their annual art show displaying really fabulous art that the kids created. One of my student's, Tifany Cannon teaches there and invited me to demo. My table was full of young artists!

Dillard SchoolDillard SchoolDillard School

Dillard ArtDillard ArtDillard Art

Dillard TileDillard TileDillard Tile Dillard Creative LetteringDillard Creative LetteringDillard Creative Lettering


It's been fun tangling in different locations and seeing new faces these past few months!

Next up is a Zentangle Basics class at University Art on J Street in Sacramento on February 26th. I hope to see you there!

Tangle On!



Halloween Tangling

November 06, 2016  •  2 Comments

We had a spooky good time in the Halloween class this year! I really did my homework and kicked out more than a dozen creepy tangles to the students. Everyone chose a real pumpkin to tangle on, as well as a gift bag filled with candy, skulls, painted wood Halloween cut-outs and more! 

We started by learning some tangles and then practicing them on paper pumpkins. Then everyone grabbed their mini-pumpkin and had a tangling good time!

I think this class is my favorite and I look forward to it each year!

Check out the beautiful tangles everyone created...

Tangled Craft PumpkinBy Kim Kohler

Tangled Craft PumpkinBy Kim Kohler

Mini-Pumpkin TanglingBy Ellynrose Mini-Pumpkin TanglingBy Deb

Mini-Pumpkin TanglingBy Ann Tangles GaloreDeciding which tangles to use was tough! Mini-Pumpkin TanglingTesting out multiple tangles! Spooky TanglesBy Ann Spooky TreatsFun Give-Aways to Tangle On Wood Skull with 'N ZeppelBy Kim Kohler Mini-Pumpkin TanglingBy Deb

Tangle On!


Last Basics Class of the Year

October 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Woot Woot!

I had a great time teaching the last basics class of the year at University Art! These new Zentangle enthusiasts had a great time learning about the history of the Zentangle method while we created a regular 3.5" tile and a little Bijou 2" tile. There was much laughter in the entire process, which I love!

In fact, I have been having a flare up for almost 2 weeks and my hands and fingers hurt very badly. When the flare ups come on, it's hard to make me laugh. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to teach to the level I am used to normally. But the students and I connected right away and made me forget about the pain for 3 hours. 

I am so grateful to have found Zentangle and to have had the opportunity to go to the Seminar in Rhode Island, meet Rick, Maria, Molly, Martha and the whole gang. I can't tell you how much it has enriched my life and helped me thru the hard days.

Anyway, here are the beautiful tiles they created. I think it's a great way to end the Basics for 2016!

Aquafleur on BijouAquafleur on BijouUniversity Arts Basic Class


Crescent Moon, 'N Zeppel, Hollibaugh and Knights Bridge on 3.5" TileCrescent Moon, 'N Zeppel, Hollibaugh and Knights Bridge on 3.5" TileBasics Class at University Art


Coming up on October 23rd is the Great Pumpkin Zentangle Class! 

Coming up on November 20th is the Holiday Ornament Class!

If you have taken the Basics from me or another CZT, email me to sign up for these classes!

Until next time, Tangle On!


Kim Kohler | CZT®
















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