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I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher® and I'm having a blast teaching Zentangle® to anyone that will listen.

 The Zentangle art method is not all about the art. It's a moving meditation that taps into your creative flow producing a beautiful piece of art. Each stroke of the pen gets you out of your head and into the present moment where openness and joy dwells.

Zentangle is the culmination of Maria Thomas' art background and Rick Roberts meditation background. He is the Zen and she is the Tangle. Learn more about the method at 

First Zentangle Meet-up = SUCCESS!

September 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Thank you to those who came to JoAnn’s Fabric in Elk Grove today for our first meet-up! It was an overwhelming success! We were sharing art, stories, new books and it was so fun that I did not even finish one tiny little tangle! We even had 3 CZT’s there: myself, Chris Leach and Jodi Ballenger!

So we are definitely going to make this a monthly thing. I have already called JoAnn’s and started the process, but I need to wait for confirmation that the dates are open. In the mean time, here are a few things we agreed were awesome and wanted to share:
The Great Zentangle Book by Beate Winkler, CZT: So of course it has some of your standard tangles, but what I liked about it, is that it also showed tangleations….fun ways you can use the tangles differently. (I think there were 3 of us that ordered it during our meet-up!)
Danette Smith’s Rotating Table Top Easels: Perfect for tiles! It's portable, it rotates and the incline is adjustable, what more can you ask for!
So, back to the meet-ups...they are open to everyone. If you have friends that haven’t taken a class but want to tangle, they can come along as well. They are free! I will not be teaching, but you can ask questions if you are stumped on something. We are shooting for the 2nd Sunday of each month and as soon as the dates are set, I will post them in the Class Calendar. 
Tangle On!

Black Tile Class!

August 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So you already know I'm a late poster. Well, throw in a vacation in Kaua'i, Hawaii, and I am a REALLY late poster. I am back and full of Aloha, so I wanted to post some pictures of the Black Tile class at University Art that was held on July 29th.

It was an awesome class, full of challenges and inspiration. Let's talk about Paradox... This tangle always gives folks the heebie-jeebies, so I like to teach it and get them over the hill. We drew Tripoli inspired triangles and then filled some of them with Paradox. At the end, there were still some who loathed it, but more that loved it!

Then we used the Zen Stone to create a gray space on half of a tile. We used Flux and Courant on the black side and Flux and Ibex on the gray side. Finally, we grabbed a black Bijou tile and played with Panzee.

See below for class tiles as well as a couple of tiles sent to me after the class.


Photo/Artwork by Cynthia WhelanPhoto/Artwork by Cynthia WhelanPhoto/Artwork by Cynthia Whelan


Black Tile MosaicBlack Tile MosaicBlack Tile Mosaic

Tripoli / Paradox MosaicTripoli / Paradox MosaicTripoli / Paradox Mosaic Flux / Courant / Ibex MosaicFlux / Courant / Ibex MosaicFlux / Courant / Ibex Mosaic


Panzee MosaicPanzee MosaicPanzee Mosaic

Photo/Artwork by Fanny CrousePhoto/Artwork by Fanny CrousePhoto/Artwork by Fanny Crouse

Close-up of Flux / Ibex / CourantClose-up of Flux / Ibex / CourantClose-up of Flux / Ibex / Courant Close-up of Tripoli / ParadoxClose-up of Tripoli / ParadoxClose-up of Tripoli / Paradox

The Basics at Wackford Community Center

July 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Another wonderful class is in the books! I had 5 lovely ladies yesterday for the Basics class at Wackford Community Center. We had a great time while they learned the basics and were amazed at their talent! No matter how much I tell folks that they CAN DO THIS, they are always surprised to find out exactly how easy it is to make incredible art!

Thank you ladies for a wonderful afternoon!

Here are the beautiful results from the class....

Basics TileBasics TileBasics Tile


Aquafleur on BijouAquafleur on BijouAquafleur on Bijou

Tangle On!


Zentangle in June

July 02, 2016  •  1 Comment

Well, it's been a great month for tangling! We have had the heat move in, so having some Zentangle fun indoors was the way to go for sure! I had 3 classes in June, a youth and adult class at the Wackford Community Center in Elk Grove and then an all inclusive class at University Art in Sacramento.

The kids were awesome! I had two sisters who decided to try the class after their older sister had taken the basics from me. And I had two boys that really enjoyed themselves. I love it when kids start shading the tangles and the oohs and aahs come out!

I present their tiles to you!

Kids Zentangle TilesKids Zentangle TilesKids Zentangle Tiles

The adults that day were equally awesome! They were having a lot of fun and we even had enough time for TWO tiles!

First Adult TileFirst Adult TileFirst Adult Tile

Second Adult TileSecond Adult TileSecond Adult Tile


The next class at University Art had 7 folks, young and not as young. They all had a great time learning about Zentangle and then practicing their newly found art!

University Art TilesUniversity Art TilesUniversity Art Tiles


I hope you like all of their spectacular art! Please go to the Zentangle page and check out upcoming classes for both Basics and Beyond.

Tangle On!


Zentangle at UArt

May 28, 2016  •  1 Comment

You know, I can be having a really difficult morning with body pain, hand pain, headache, whatever....but the moment the students start walking in for the class, it just uplifts me! The students are so open and curious and ready for discovery that it brings those same things up for me. That's why it never gets old teaching the basics. Each person brings something new to the playing field.

Almost all of the ladies in this basics class said they had never used the Zentangle art method before! At least one, had just seen the email blast from University Art (which displays a couple of my tiles) and said, what the heck, I'm going to take the class!

That's all it really takes to learn this wonderful, deliberate, meditative drawing process...a little curiosity, and about 3 hours. Trust me when I say the 3 hours flys by and you won't want to stop!

Take a look at this class' beautiful tiles! Then go to my Zentangle page and sign up for a class. You won't be sorry!

A regular tile is 3.5"x3.5" and we have used a 'Z' string to fit 4 awesome tangles (patterns). Tangles are: Hollibaugh, 'N Zeppel, Knights Bridge and Crescent Moon

First Basic TileFirst Basic TileFirst Basic Tile

The Bijou tile is 2"x2" and is just the right size for a mono-tangle (single tangle pattern on one tile). We used a tangleation of Aquafleur for these tiles. A tangleation is when you draw a tangle with your own twist on it.

Bijou - AquafleurBijou - AquafleurBijou - Aquafleur

I'd love to see you at my next Basics class. You need to take the Basics class to then take the Beyond classes. I've got some great Beyond classes coming up too: Black Tiles, real pumpkins for Halloween, ornaments and cards for the don't want to miss it!

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