2020 Zentangle Workshop Schedule

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Zentangle Workshop Schedule for 2020

I look forward to bringing you into the wonderful world of Zentangle. If you are already hooked, I hope to bring new techniques, tangles and enjoyment to your practice.

I teach at two locations:

University Art, 2601 J Street, Sacramento
Cost: $35, materials included
Time: 12:30pm to 3:30pm
Dates: Below
Sign up: Click on the 'Register for Class' button on the right.

Elk Grove Fine Arts Center, 9683 Elk Grove-Florin Rd, Elk Grove, 916.685.5992
Cost: $35, materials included
Time: Noon to 3:00pm
Dates: Below
Sign up: Follow the link for the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center or call them at 916.685.5992.



Basics Classes

If you have just heard about Zentangle, been working through the many books out there, or have been tangling for years, this Basics class is just for you. You will get the history of Zentangle and we will work thru the 8 Steps of the method as you learn up to 8 tangles and complete 1-2 tiles. There is absolutely no experience required. You do not need to know how to draw. With this step-by-step pattern drawing method, there are no mistakes. Learning from a Certified Zentangle Teacher in person is a unique experience and you will soon be completely in love and crazy for Zentangle.

 Date  Location
 January 18th  Elk Grove Fine Arts Center
 January 26th  University Art
 March 21st  Elk Grove Fine Arts Center - CANCELLED
 April 26th  University Art - CANCELLED
 August 15th  Elk Grove Fine Arts Center - CANCELLED
 August 30th  University Art - CANCELLED

Basics TileHollibaugh, Printemps, Cubine and Crescent Moon tangles

Beyond Basics

Zentangle Basics is a pre-requisite for all of these classes.
If you are ready to stretch your Zentangle practice and learn new techniques, these classes are for you. I will be teaching several new classes this year that I'm sure you will enjoy.

Bijou Tips/Tricks

We will be working on our smaller 2" tiles in white, tan, black and the new GRAY! We will be adding some decorative spice to enhance your tangles, talking about shading, and using different pens, chalk pencils and other tools to make your tiles pop.

 Date  Location
 February 15th  Elk Grove Fine Arts Center

Bijou Tips/TricksLet's take Bijou for a spin and learn some new techniques.

Found Poetry

This is one of my new favorite things to do with Zentangle. I will supply a page from a book and you will choose words from that page that speak to you. After that, we will tangle around the words, shade the paper to make the words pop, and tadah, you will have a beautiful Found Poetry piece.

 Date  Location
 February 23rd  University Art
 April 18th  Elk Grove Fine Arts Center- CANCELLED

Found PoetryUse found words to create poetry and then add to that with Zentangle.



Tea Stains

This is a wonderfully creative way to give your string life! We will create a string using tea to stain our tiles. Then we will tangle using that string as inspiration.

 Date  Location
 May 16th  Elk Grove Fine Arts Center - CANCELLED
 May 31st  University Art - CANCELLED

Tea StainsUsing tea, we will stain the tiles to create a beautiful string to hold our tangles.

Romanancy Style on Renaissance Tiles

You are going to love the look you get with this style. We add a few lines, draw a few fragmented tangles and then the magic happens. When we add the shading and highlights, right before your eyes your tile is transformed into columns of art!

 Date  Location
 June 20th  Elk Grove Fine Arts Center - CANCELLED
 June 28th  University Art - CANCELLED

Romanancy StyleUse fragments of tangles and then shading and highlights to pull out the magic of these columns.

Keith Haring Inspired Black Tiles

Keith Haring used bold, thick lines in his art. We will do the same as we work with white Gelly Roll® pens on black tiles. This is not your usual Zentangle class. We will stray from creating tangles and I will show you some strokes and designs you can use to create your own Haring-ish art tile. If you want to make a bold statement or just try something new, this will be a fun class. 

 Date  Location
July 26th  University Art - CANCELLED

Keith Haring StyleUsing bold art lines, create a Keith Haring inspired tile.

Save the Dates!

So I am going to zenAgain in May! Rick, Maria, Molly, Martha and the rest of the Zentangle HQ team always shows us some really awesome techniques and usually a new tangle or two. So I am reserving the below dates for to pop in some classes that will be inspired by zenAgain.

 Date  Location
 July 18th  Elk Grove Fine Arts Center - CANCELLED
 September 19th  Elk Grove Fine Arts Center - CANCELLED
 September 27th  University Art - CANCELLED



Um, yes! The most creative class of the year. I provide you with craft pumpkins and colored IdentiPens to draw on them. We practice a bunch of Halloween type tangles on paper first. Then we talk about how you want to map out your string on the pumpkin. Once that's done, it's all about putting the ink on that pumpkin. This class is so much fun!

 Date  Location
 October 17th  Elk Grove Fine Arts Center - CANCELLED
 October 25th  University Art - CANCELLED

Pumpkin WorkshopLet's have fun with spooky tangles!

* November/December - No Classes scheduled.




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