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2018 Class Schedule

November 26, 2017  •  5 Comments

Woot Woot, it's time to unveil the Zentangle Class Schedule for 2018!

Where: University Art, 2601 J Street, Sacramento

Cost: $35, materials included

Time: 12:30pm to 3:30pm, free street parking

Dates: The following Sundays...

January 28th - Zentangle Basics

If you have just heard about Zentangle, been working thru the many books out there, or have been tangling for years, this Basics class is just for you. You will get the history of Zentangle, we will go thru the 8 Steps of the method as you learn 8 tangles and complete 1-2 tiles. There is absolutely no experience required. You do not need to know how to draw. With this step-by-step pattern drawing method, there are no mistakes. Learning from a CZT in person is a unique experience and you will soon be completely in love and crazy for Zentangle.

February 4th - Reticula & Fragments

If you have the 'Zentangle Primer vol 1' book, you know that Reticula & Fragments can lead to exciting patterns. For those that do not have the book, Reticula is a type of grid, but it doesn't have to be a square or rectangle. The definition is "a fine network or netlike structure." This is the net that lets you contain your Fragments. Fragments are pieces of tangles that you can turn this way and that to create very cool patterns. Joining me in your introduction to this great process is CZT Jodi Ballenger.

March 18th - Shades of Gray

CZT Sonya Yencer created a lesson called "14 Shades of Gray". I will guide you through this process which focuses on shading, gradation and attention to detail. And, you get to use an eraser without feeling guilty!

April 29th - Zentangle Basics

See description for January 28th.

June 24th - Morphing and Comingling Tangles

This class will help you let your tangles loose from their strings. Tangles will talk to each other and they will have deep conversations. Tangles will start out alone on one side of the tile and by the time they get to the other side, they will have many friends. You will morph one tangle into another and interweave different tangles. This is a very freeing class and will push your limits if you are used to drawing within the lines.

ComingleComingleComingle ComingleComingleComingle


July 29th - Zendala & Chakra

Joined by my wonderful friend and yogi, Ann DaPrato of Rise Wellness, we will use a Zendala to draw out the Chakra's. I will take you thru the tangles, while Ann takes you thru the Chakra's. It's a match made in heaven and you don't want to miss it.

Chakra ZendalaChakra ZendalaChakra Zendala


Saturday, August 18th - Zentangle Basics ADDED BASICS CLASS

This Basics class will be held at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center from Noon to 3pm. Please go to their website to register for class.


August 26th - Zentangle Basics

See description for January 28th.


October 28th - Pumpkin Class

This is a favorite for many students. You will learn fun & spooky tangles and then use them on a craft pumpkin that you can use for many years to come.

Zentangle PumpkinZentangle PumpkinZentangle Pumpkin Zentangle PumpkinZentangle PumpkinZentangle Pumpkin


November 11th - Cards & Tags (and more for the Holidays)

We will tangle cards and tags for all occasions, including getting a head start on the holiday season.


* May and December - No Classes scheduled.


ZenAngelZenAngelWings by Maria Thomas


Thanks so much for your support!




TrailGirls - Zentangle & ArtWorks
Hi Ladies!
I only teach in the Sacramento area. My regular place to teach is University Art however I do venture out. On August 17th I will be teaching a Basics class at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center. I also come to you (within Sacramento) if you have at least 5 folks in your group.

To find Certified Zentangle Teachers in other areas, please go to and click on the Learn button. Then on the left menu, click on the 'Find a Zentangle Class' link. This will automatically pop up with Certified Zentangle Teachers that are in your area. You can click on them to find out how to contact them or sign up for classes.

Let me know if you need further information!
Ann Stockwell(non-registered)
I also am interested in Zendala workshops in the Bay Area.
Karen Durant(non-registered)
Will you be teaching any where in the east bay (Hayward, San Jose, and etc.) I am searching for classes such as yours. Please advise.
Any classes in San Jose?
Sara Duque Mellor(non-registered)
Are you teaching at other places besides University Art?
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