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Welcome to my blog. I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher® and I'm having a blast teaching Zentangle® to anyone that will listen.

 The Zentangle art method is not all about the art. It's a moving meditation that taps into your creative flow producing a beautiful piece of art. Each stroke of the pen gets you out of your head and into the present moment where openness and joy dwells.

Zentangle is the culmination of Maria Thomas' art background and Rick Roberts meditation background. He is the Zen and she is the Tangle. Learn more about the method at 

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Feb 28th Class at UArt

March 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Sorry for the late post! Why does there never seem to be enough time to do the things that we love to do? I love to work on my Zentangle art and my other mixed media endeavors, however it seems like all I have time for after work is eat sleep and repeat. Maybe it will be different in the summer time when it's lighter later into the evening. Oh well, I digress!

We had a small and wonderful class at University Art on Feb 28th. Apparently UA forgot to send out an e-blast to remind folks about the class...usually I'm full up with about 18 students! It was kind of fun teaching only 6 students!

Here are their Basics tiles and bottle cap magnets that they made!

Class TilesClass TilesClass Tiles

    Bottle cap magnetsBottle cap magnetsBottle cap magnets
















Tangle On!


Wowza -Was That Fun or What?

January 31, 2016  •  1 Comment

So wow! It was a full and boisterous class today at University Art! Sure there were times where the tanglers got quiet, but they also got quite rowdy too! I think it was a first for me to actually have to wrangle folks back to attention. Everyone was just so excited they couldn't sit still or stop talking about what they were learning. So much fun was had by all!

I'm glad blogs are about writing cause my voice is gone. You know you've had a good class when all you can think about is getting home to a nice tall glass of water and not talking for the rest of the night.

And the art was amazing, as you can see by the below. It's so much fun to see how differently people express themselves even though they were all following the same instructions. I just love it.

Enjoy the picture, and for any of my tanglers from today, if you want to send in a picture of your Bijou tile, please do and I will add it to the post.

Tangle On!


Class TileClass TileClass Tile


Debra's BijouDebra's BijouAquafluer Paula's Bijou 1Paula's BijouAquafleur Paula's Bijou 2Paula's Bijou 2Arukas, Printemps, 'N Zeppel, Knight's Bridge

A Zentangle Enthusiast

January 24, 2016  •  1 Comment

I was contacted by one of my students who wanted to have a private Zentangle Basics class at her house. Although Deborah has taken my Basics class AND Beyond Classes, she to share her passion of Zentangle with her friends. As the class got going it was very apparent that Deb just never stops talking about Zentangle to anyone she encounters. She has gone bonkers for ZT! 

The folks taking the class (11 of them!), had mostly only heard of ZT thru Deb and almost none had tried it before. After the class, most of them were hooked and Deb and I were both thrilled....but I think Deb was a little more thrilled. As her guests were leaving, she was handing out presents for them all and talking about a private Beyond Basics class for their next play date.

Thanks for the bookmark Deb, it's awesome!

It was a great day with great art and once again, lots of new tanglers in awe of the tiles they created One Stroke at a Time®.

Until next time..... Tangle On!

Class TilesClass TilesClass Tiles Zentangle StudentZentangle StudentZentangle Student Zentangle StudentZentangle StudentZentangle Student Zentangle StudentsZentangle StudentsZentangle Students Zentangle StudentsZentangle StudentsZentangle Students

Holly Jolly Time

December 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The Holiday class at Wackford was so fun! I enlisted the help of my niece because we had so many ornaments and cards to tangle. She is 11 years old and she helped me prepare the cards with cut-out reindeer, christmas trees, ornaments, stars and snowflakes. I was having a pretty bad pain day, so I needed all the help I could get with setting up for the days event. Her mom and a friend of the family ended up helping too. I had lots of elves to make the day run smoothly!

I taught a bunch of different tangles: Diva Dance Rock n Roll, Binial, Snowzags (with some Zendangles), Auraknot, Tripoli, Cosmo, Sprinkle, Laces and by special request Aquafleur.

Stay tuned for pictures, they are coming!


Until next time, Tangle On!


Lodi Community Art Center

November 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday I taught a Basics class at the Lodi Community Art Center. It was a smaller group than I usually have, but that made it nice and intimate. The time got away from me a bit but it was ok... We talked about cancer and how important it is to get a second opinion if you and your doctor are not seeing eye to eye. We talked about having a stroke in your 20's and how 30 years later you still struggle to find motivation to get off the couch and create. We talked about teaching kids and sharing space at art events because a single artist could easily be priced out.

It was definitely a different class for me and I wish we would have had 4 hours instead of 3 because I was having so much fun. I hope to see these ladies at a future Beyond class!

Here are their beautiful tiles, enjoy!


Class Tiles 11.21.15Class Tiles 11.21.15Class Tiles 11.21.15

Kim Kohler | CZT®
















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